So are you already tempted? Can’t wait to try some of the oils out? The easiest way is to order them online and have them shipped at the most convenient address – your home or office.

You can easily create a free retail account with Young Living and start ordering your preferred oils and oil infused products.


Instead, I’d strongly recommend you open a Member account.

This is how I also started my Essential Oils Journey and looking back, it was the best decision ever! 

Here are some of the advantages of the Member account:

  • It’s free
  • You get a 24% discount off retail pricing
  • You get to start your Young Living journey with some awesome Premium Starter Kits, containing some of the most used oils/oil infused products at a greatly discounted price
  • Optionally, you can enroll in the Essential Rewards (monthly orders program bringing extra discounts, reduced shipping costs, exclusive bonuses and free oils, rewards points which you can exchange for free products)
  • Should you fall madly, deeply in love with the oils. Should you start recommending them to others, you could earn rewards for spreading the word!
  • There’s no obligation to sell oils to anyone – you can simply enjoy the 24% discount for yourself and your loved ones

So, what do you say? Will you join me?

The registration process is pretty straight forward. Just in case you get stuck and/or have some questions, I’ve also included some guidelines below. 

Start here!

Or course, feel free to get in touch with me any time, should you have any questions!


Here are the steps you’ll go through:

The link I shared should take you to the starting page. Choose your country and your preferred language. You’ll notice that the sponsor and enroller IDs are already filled with my ID: 1658482.

As the person who introduced you to Young Living, I’ll do my best to help out on this journey – be it by helping you find information about the oils or by organizing training sessions for you.

Before you carry on, you will have to confirm that it is indeed me who you want as a partner in this adventure:

Step 1: Starter Kits

You can choose one of 3 different Premium Starter Kits: 

Make sure you choose the correct language for your kit!

Next, you can choose to enroll in Essential Rewards (ER). This is optional.

Should you choose to enrol (and I’d actually recommend this), you can actually put your Premium Starter Kit on your ER order. Make sure you untick the box above, in the Step 1: Choose your Starter Kit,  and manually add the kit to the ER order.

By doing so, you’ll already start gaining ER points!

Tip: ER orders above 120 PV (value points) already bring you extra free goodies! So if you add one or two more products next to the Starter Kit, you’ll receive an extra oil/oil infused product, changing every month!

If you’d rather enroll in the Essential Rewards program at a later date, simply choose no.

You can still add more products to your order, as well.

Tip: If you have orders with more than 190 PV, you start receiving even more free products as bonuses! 

The next step is filling in your member information: your contact details, your login details and your tax processing information.

For the sign-in information, you’ll notice there’s a password and a PIN. 

The password is used to log in to your online account. 

The PIN is used if you ever need to get in touch with customer support via phone or chat.

Choose individual for the tax processing:

After this, you just need to confirm the payment and delivery methods.

And to enjoy the awesome oils and oil infused products in just a few days time!

Welcome and thank you for joining me in this adventure!


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