You’ve heard and read that essential oils can help you maximize the benefits of yoga or meditation sessions. You could diffuse them in the room, simply inhale them or apply them topically before starting your practice.

They can provide a series of effects, depending on the oil – uplifting, relaxing, energising, grounding etc.

So the question is – which oils are best for yoga and meditation?

Long story short, there isn’t a universally valid list of best oils. Yes, there are some oils that are more suitable for this and plants that have been used for ages in sacred rituals all over the world and in all ancient cultures.

Other than that, though, it’s best to experiment and create a list of YOUR best oils. The ones that fit into your routine, match your individual circumstances – and here we’re talking about anything from mood to stress levels to the main aim of an individual yoga/meditation session. You might want a more energising oil in the morning, and a relaxing one in the evening, to give only an example!

So, without further ado, I’ll present a list of the oils that worked for me.

Frankincense has been used for ages for grounding and elevating spiritual experiences. It’s regarded by many as the king of essential oils, and for good reason! It’s a very powerful addition to any prayer, yoga or meditation routine! It has slowly but surely become one of my favorite oils to use.

Frankincense is awesome, Sacred Frankincense is even better for mindfulness practices! The name says it all! It has very similar properties to Frankincense, but with an even stronger kick when it comes to moments of deep meditation.

Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils. When it comes to meditation, it’s particularly helpful due to its relaxing properties. It helps calm the mind and unwind. This is particularly helpful when you’re just getting started with meditation.

Peppermint is on the other end of the spectrum – it is energising. Particularly useful for early mornings when you’re struggling to stay awake during your meditation. Just as well, it’s great for soothing sore muscles after intense yoga sessions. On the other hand, if Peppermint is too strong, you can always go with Lemon for its milder energising effect (plus that extra feeling of joy that citrus oils bring). 

Cedarwood is very grounding and helps create balance. So I use it whenever I feel my mind drifting away to thousand places.

Beside the single oils, I’d also recommend trying some of the blends. Usually the name of the blend suggests what the oil would be most helpful with. I use different oils at different times:

  • Clarity – when I need to find the needle in the haystack of multiple scenarios running through my mind. This is the oil I’ve been using A LOT when transitioning from my full time job to full time self employed/entrepreneur 
  • Stress Away – the name says it all 😀
  • Sacred Mountain – I can’t spend my time in a cave on a mountain to meditate, but diffusing Sacred Mountain does recreate some of this feeling!
  • Believe – evokes feelings of strength and self confidence
  • Inner Child – there’s nothing more precious than the childlike joy. Inner Child helps you reconnect to your inner, joyful child

And I’ll stop here, otherwise the list will just be toooooooo long. But I do encourage you to try some of the oils and see which ones work best for you.

What about you?

What are your favorite oils you use for meditation?

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