Essential oils are oils obtained from different types of plant material including flowers, leaves, wood, tree bark and roots. People have learned how to get these oils many centuries ago. The use of these oils was documented in almost every culture in the world. But, why exactly did they use essential oils?

There are many essential oils that have healing and soothing properties and improve the wellbeing of people. It didn’t take much time before people figured out that essential oils can be quite helpful for their pets too. In the last few decades, thanks to the fast advance of technology, manufacturers were able to come up with many pharmaceutical drugs, supplements and other products that can help our pets live a healthier life. However, many of these products include chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins that often lead to side effects. In other words, they are making more harm than good, or they provide only temporary results without addressing the root of the problem. This is the reason why more and more pet owners turn to natural products and natural approaches, and the use of essential oils is one of them. Many essential oils provide the same or even better results compared to manmade, artificial and synthetic products.

dog in a cupIn the recent period, there are many articles, guides, and books written or recommended by veterinarians who claim that the use of essential oils for dogs is highly beneficial. Some of them have used these oils on cats too. We must point out that there are some scientists who don’t recommend such practice, but their number is decreasing each year because there are more and more studies that confirm the positive effects. Most of them agree that the use of essential oils is harmless for the dogs, and they can only witness positive impact to their health.

Just like in the case of humans, dogs can experience improvement with different conditions in case they use different types of essential oils. For instance, if they feel anxiety and stress they can rely on Lavender and Valerian essential oils. On the other hand, heart issues can be soothed with Peppermint, Ravensara, and Myrtle oils. Motion (travel) sickness will be gone with Peppermint essential oil while preventing strokes is possible with Frankincense oil. Some experts say that a mixture of Ginger, Lavender and Rosemary can help dogs dealing with arthritis. Finally, earache in dogs can be healed or at least relieved with the help of Tea tree, Chamomile or Lavender oil.

dog puppyTruth to be told; only a small number of dog owners have to take care of their dogs in situations like this. However, there are many owners who are trying everything they can to eliminate dog odor and fleas. The good news is that essential oils can be helpful in these cases too. For example, Lavender essential oil can protect your pet from fleas but only when it is regularly used. Some sources say that Orange oil can eliminate fleas and odor. Purification is great for this purpose as well!

The Wellnessence has a wide range of therapeutic grade essential oils suitable for any dog breed.

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