Most people share the same feeling about insects – they find them annoying. On top of that, there are also many individuals who are afraid of bugs and in some cases they are right – these animals can hurt people or in worst case scenarios – they can lead to the emergence of some disease. This is the reason many people keep commercial bug sprays in their homes.

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While it is true that the majority of these sprays found in stores are efficient, it is also true that they are potentially dangerous. Most of them contain chemicals, impurities and other types of toxins that can result in side effects especially if they are used on a regular basis.

Bites and rashes caused by insect activity can be very frustrating, and the situation gets worse when there is a baby or young child in the home. Parents want to keep their children safe from insects, so they are buying the most efficient commercial insect sprays. Most of us have used a product like this. They can be easily recognized thanks to the strong fragrance. But these sprays are packed with chemicals that can damage our skin and overall health. To avoid situations like this, it is the best idea to use a natural repellent in the form of essential oils.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are wellbeing products that are used for many different things. The best part is that they have very pleasant and calming scent and at the same time they are creating an unfavorable environment for the insects. In other words, once you use them in a certain area, the bugs will stay away. Needless to say, essential oils don’t lead to any side effects that can cause problems to our health. They are also safe for the environment, something that we cannot say about commercial insect sprays packed with toxins.

Thanks to the healing properties of essential oils, people can also calm itchy and red bites and stings. These oils are enhancing the natural healing process of the human skin. You are probably aware of the fact that people have used plants and herbs as medicines for hundreds of years, but many experts agree that using them in the form of essential oil provides us the most from each plant.

Therapeutic grade essential oils, like the ones from Young Living, come with original power and liveliness, harmonized with the natural vitality of the human body. When it comes to using essential oils as insect repellents, we should say that most people prefer a spray solution that is used directly on the skin or on clothes. By spraying this solution, you will create a natural barrier around your body. Thus, this solution is great for the children too, because it won’t affect their health and it won’t make them uncomfortable. You can also apply some oils directly onto the skin or on the area where you have been bitten by an insect, in order to calm the rash and itchiness.

Frankincense, Tea tree, Lemon, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Patchouli are just some examples – the list of the insect repellant oils is very long. According to some experts in this field, Lavender essential oil is especially efficient against insects. It can soothe the bites, promote the quality of sleep and soothe digestive problems too.


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