frog travellerStress, motion sickness, stomach upset – these are some of the things that many people feel before and especially during their trip from one place to another. Many of them use specific pharmaceutical drugs, but the thing is that these drugs are usually inefficient, and many of them lead to negative side effects. Luckily, there is a completely natural solution that can help you forget about these problems and enjoy your trip no matter how long it is. One of the best solutions used by many people is the use of essential oils.

Essential oils are getting quite popular because special oils can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. Since there is a wide range of essential oils available on the market, some people may wonder which type is the best to improve their travel experience. According to many experts, Lavender oil is excellent for easing tension and providing peace of mind to people of all ages. Of course, there are few others like Frankincense and Lemon essential oils that have helped many people overcome certain traveling issues.   

It is also worth mentioning that many people combine a few of these oils into a unique blend. You can put them in a bottle or sprayer and just inhale or spray the mixture around you to reenergize and calm yourself. It is interesting that after a while, you will get calm only by holding the bottle in your hand. You can also try some other essential oils like Peppermint oil or Tea tree oil or some other mixtures found on Wellnessence like AromaEase or Stress Away.

Even though we have provided some suggestions about the use of these oils, we should point out that they can be used in different ways during your travels. For example, many individuals were able to relieve stress, and calm stomach upset when they used some of the aforementioned essential oils as perfume or cologne. There are also people who use them as air refreshers. Others have experienced calming sensation just by holding the oil that they use on a regular basis. Also, there are people who use only one essential oil while others enjoy blends of at least two essential oils. At the end, when it comes to blends, some of them buy prepared blends, and some of them create these blends on their own.

If you are traveling by car, train or boat, you are free to carry essential oils and use them in any way you want. However, if you are traveling by plane, you will have to be more innovative because in some situations you won’t be allowed to use these oils. For instance, you can soak a cotton ball in your essential oils and store it in a small bag. Whenever you want to feel the scent, just open the bag. You can also use it in an inhaler.

These are only some ways in which people can use essential oils to improve their travel experience.

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