If you care about your health and the health of your family, then you must clean your home on a regular basis. To do this, most people buy commercial cleaning products from grocery stores. Obviously, these products are efficient and helpful, but they can also be dangerous. The vast majority of these products are packed with powerful chemicals that can lead to certain health problems. Many people have witnessed soothing or even elimination of their allergies once they’ve stopped using certain cleaning products. So, the best idea is to use natural cleaning products like essential oils. According to some experts, this is a nice way to experience the benefits of aromatherapy while doing something useful for your home.

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Essential oils can replace the toxic chemicals and provide the same or even better results. They can also be used in every part of your home. Modern commercial cleaning products are loaded with petrochemicals, compounds used for more than 50 years. In other words, they have emerged in times when people were not aware of the negative consequences of different chemicals.

Luckily, thanks to the media and the increased number of scientific studies focused on their effects, the general public has realized how important it is to go natural even when it comes to cleaning products. Essential oils contain substances that can successfully fight germs, dust, and even bacteria. Even categories of people that are usually very sensitive to regular cleaning products will find these cleaners based on essential oils useful. Instead of feeling uncomfortable and witnessing problems related to sinus and respiratory system you will actually feel relaxed and energetic.

If you want to keep yourself and your family safe from chemicals and other toxins found in popular cleaning products, you can try some alternatives that you can make on your own. So, what exactly do people need to make chemical-free essential oil-based cleaners?

Obviously, first of all, you need to buy essential oils like Lemon, Lavender, Tea tree, Peppermint or Frankincense. Also, you will need a few more things to make the perfect completely natural cleaner – white vinegar, baking soda, distilled water, sprayer, hot water and liquid soap (try to find one without added chemicals).

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So, how can we use these cleaners based on essential oils? Well, for instance, you can pour 4-5 drops of Lemon essential oil in disposals and drains. This oil can eliminate bacteria, disinfect the area and provide a refreshing smell. Also, you can use the same oil in a sprayer together with white vinegar and spray the windows. Use newspapers to wipe the windows.

You can also mix Lavender and Lemon essential oils in hot water and soak a cloth in the solution to clean tiles, kitchen countertops, bathroom showers and tubs. If you just want to refresh your house and eliminate harmful bacteria, you can mix Tea tree and Lavender essentials oil in a diffuser and spray it in your home.   

We hope that this article will make you start experimenting with essential oils during your cleaning routine. Stay tuned for more DIY ideas!


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