Helpful tips for meditation – part 2

We're continuing the series of tips for meditation - in part 1 we talked about timing, the environment, and our posture. Let's get deeper, with more practical advice! Start with concentration Here’s a challenge for you: Out of the blue, just try to make your mind calm...

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Helpful tips for meditation – part 1

In today’s crazy paced world, it’s easy to lose our focus and feel overwhelmed. We’re bombarded with stimuli from all over the place, stress is as real as it gets, environmental factors add to the pressure. No wonder more and more people are turning their faces...

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Essential Oils – How are they obtained?

Essential oils are volatile substances - due to their small molecules, they evaporate quickly. This is the reason we immediately feel their smell. All of them are extracted from plant material - flowers, buds, wood, leaves, roots, seeds - using various methods. In...

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Chocolate Peppermint Squares

So let's say it's a hot summer day. And you crave for some sweets. Minus the tons of sugar and processed fats. And without even turning the oven on, turning your kitchen into a boiler room. I've been through this several times - until I've discovered the wonders of no...

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Essential Oils Can Improve Your Travel Experience

Stress, motion sickness, stomach upset – these are some of the things that many people feel before and especially during their trip from one place to another. Many of them use specific pharmaceutical drugs, but the thing is that these drugs are usually inefficient,...

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