Hello everybody,

me-camp-profilMy name is Bogdan Copil, I am from Romania, living in the Czech Republic and a real globetrotter.

I am passionate about learning, people and growth. My mission is to help other people to take ownership of their own learning and transpose it into clear results – a life of well-being and health, freedom, happiness, passion.

As a chemist, I was always interested in the Chemistry of life – how different molecules can affect our bodies – both in a constructive or destructive way. When I discovered the essential oils back in 2014 I was first curious, then intrigued, then amazed by their properties and effects. Shortly after I started reading more and more scientific research papers on the uses of essential oils – in medicine, perfumery, cosmetics, spirituality and so on.

Gradually my interest grew beyond the pragmatical, scientific approach – I have discovered a whole lifestyle based on the Young Living essential oils – Wellness, Purpose and Abundance can be found given the correct mindset.

I am interested in supporting your growth, helping you tailor your own learning process so that you can achieve your optimum potential. I would be more than happy to work with you!

Email: bogdan (at) thewellnessence . com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewellnessence

Best regards,
Bogdan Copil

Young Living ID: 1658482

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